St Clears Town Council

17th December 2020

Re-opening the riverside path (Peillac Way)

Dear Resident/Business Owner/Visitor to St Clears,

St Clears Town Council is collecting expressions of support for a grant funding application which will finance the rerouting of St Clears Riverside Path (Peillac Way). The difficult decision to close the path was made earlier this year on the grounds that the riverbank was becoming unstable and the risk to those using it outweighed the benefits. By diverting the path, it is hoped that a safer and more accessible route will be created which all residents and visitors to St Clears will be able to use to access school, work, and essential services. Please find below a form of words which you can use to express your support via email or letter:

I/We strongly support Carmarthenshire County Council’s application for funding to re-route and reopen St Clears Riverside Path. The path is a valuable community asset which links St Clears and Lower St Clears, which are otherwise severed by the A40 Trunk Road. The path provides an essential link which allows people to access school, work and the town centre, as well as public transport interchanges which facilitate longer journeys. The alternative on-road route for walking and cycling is not safe and without the path more residents will be forced to use their cars, or face becoming isolated if they do not have access to one. Please consider Carmarthenshire’s grant application thoroughly and be assured that it has the full support of the local community.

We hope that, with the support of the community, Carmarthenshire County Council will be successful in accessing this grant funding and reopen what is an essential connection for the people of St Clears. If we can collect as much support from the community as possible, this will strengthen the application and make it more likely to be successful.  Please send letters or e-mails of support to the Town Clerk via e-mail: or in the post: 46 St David’s Avenue, Carmarthen, SA31 3DN or use the contact us section on St Clears Town Council website – , by the 17th of January 2021.

With thanks,

Councillor Ian Richards

Town Mayor

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