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This map shows the St Clears Town Heritage Trail. It has been developed to help promote the history and culture of the Town and to create a focal point for residents and visitors to learn more about the local environment. The trail follows public highways and footpaths and enables you to visit the main sites of historic interest in St Clears in a structured way. It takes you on a guided walk of approximately 1.5 miles that links the new and older communities of St Clears. A trail leaflet is available locally and each panel has a QR code to enhance the experience by providing additional information on the Town Council website. There are twelve panels in all, the first being located at the Rebecca Gate statue in Pentre Road. We encourage you to follow the Blue Boarwaymarkerss to the Town Quay and hope you enjoy the experience.
The wild boar is the emblem of St Clears but to the Iron Age Celts it was a symbol of strength. The image of the boar with its hackles raised adorned the weapons, shields and bodies of Celtic warriors. Wild boars were hunted locally and this practice is reflected in the appearance of Twrch Trwyth and the legendary hunt in the tale of Culhwch and Olwen. Images of this can be seen on the bridge over the River Cynin in Pentre Road. In the 19th Century the boar was adopted as the crest on the Seal of the St Clears Town Corporation and references are contained in local place names.
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