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This Marble War Memorial, in the form of an obelisk, was originally erected in 1921 to commemorate the fallen of the Great War. A post-war edition of The Welshman newspaper shows that the St Clears War Memorial Committee had thus far managed to collect the princely sum of £400 towards a War Memorial. The same report states that the neighbouring villages of Llangynin, Bancyfelin and Llanddowror were to be invited to join the Committee. However, the people of Llanddowror decided to commission their own marble War Memorial plaque in the Church at Llanddowror.
The names of the fallen from the Great War 1914 -1918 are on the front face of the Memorial. Around the base of the obelisk are the additional details of the men who fell during the Second World War whilst the left-hand face bears three additional names of the fallen in the Great War and the right hand face a further six names.
Please pause for a moment at this spot to remember and reflect on the sacrifice that the men named on this Memorial made for their nation.
About 10,000 London children were evacuated from East Sussex and Kent to the old counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Brecknock and Radnor in 1940. A rousing welcome was given on Sunday 23rd June to 168 children mainly from Albion Street School, Rotherhide, London by a large crowd near Glasfryn Council School, St Clears.
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