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21st July 2022

The Gate Community Hub

An exciting opportunity has arisen for the community in St Clears to create a new Community Hub at the Gate in Pentre Road. This will be a fresh start for the building and a chance to redefine and develop what is on offer there. We would like to invite your organisation, your business, or you as an individual member of the community to help shape what you feel you want, need, or can offer to support this project. 

St Clears Town Council have been in discussion with Carmarthenshire County Council for the past two years to secure the transfer of the day-to-day management of the Gate to the Town Council and ultimately to create a Community Trust to run it. The asset transfer will take place from April 2023. The Town Council will work in partnership with CCC, (who will remain the landlords), during the next six months to ensure a smooth transition.

St Clears Town Council has a vision that the Gate can become a base for all Community activities and that the facilities that it offers can be utilised to support the Town to grow and develop. As such, we will be inviting all interested groups, and individuals to an Open Day/Evening at the Gate on the 4thOctober, 2022. There will be three sessions – morning, late afternoon, and evening - to allow the maximum number to attend. At each session there will be an opportunity to view what the building has to offer, to discuss potential uses and to give your views and options as to how a Community Hub can be developed at the Gate. We will also be circulating questionnaires during the open day and conducting a survey of the wider community later in the autumn.

The intention of St Clears Town Council during the next five years is to set the Gate Community Hub up as a non-profit making service organisation. The aspiration will be to serve all elements of the community of St Clears. Subject to legal requirements, the Gate Community Hub will be run under the umbrella of a trust. This trust will comprise of members of St Clears Town Council, CCC and representatives of the local community. It will be regulated by the Charity Commissioners, with elected/nominated trustees and all accounts will be published annually.

We look forward to working in partnership with all who have the interests of St Clears at heart and hope you will look to see how you can contribute to developing a vibrant, welcoming community led facility offering something for residents of all ages in St Clears.

St Clears Town Council.

Catherine Lloyd-Jenkins (Town Clerk)

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