St Clears Town Council

3rd June 2019


St Clears Town Council will once again be acting to discourage dog owners from leaving dog mess around the town. The clean graffiti campaign which proved successful last summer will be used again in the coming weeks to target problem areas. New signs will be erected in key locations to remind owners to pick up after their dogs and remind them that enforcement patrols are in operation.

The Town Council will also be tackling the increasing litter problem in the town. Efforts have already been made by volunteers in the community, and the Town Council would like to commend these volunteers for their work to keep the community litter free.

In the coming weeks and months, efforts will be made with the County Council to arrange more litter picks and to remind people of their duty to dispose of litter appropriately. More bins will be provided where a need has been identified. County Councillor Philip Hughes said “The majority of dog owners clear up after them, however, there are a minority that show total disregard to their communities and fellow residents and it is totally unacceptable. Bagged dog waste can be placed in any bin or taken home and disposed of with household waste, just bagging it then leaving it on the ground or hanging from branches is littering. There really is no excuse – if you have a dog, you know that you are responsible for cleaning up after it.”

If you have witnessed a dog fouling incident, please report it to Carmarthenshire County Council. There are powers to fine anyone who is caught in person or through information linked to CCTV footage not cleaning up after their dog. Specific information can also help more targeted patrols of problem areas.

Following these campaigns, the Town Council will also seek more visits from enforcement officers to further support the message that dog-fouling and littering will not be tolerated. Witnesses are encouraged to come forward and report incidents to the County Council on the website or by telephoning 01267 234567. The support of the community is crucial for detecting and discouraging people who leave dog mess and litter in our town.

If you fail to comply you are committing a criminal offence and can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100 for dog fouling or £75 for littering, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days. The maximum fine if prosecuted in the magistrates’ court is £1,000. 0000018000000

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